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Enabling community Development


Enabling community Development

MK’s relationship with the Savannah Accelerated Development Authority began in early 2012 and sprang from the need for a sustainable housing solution.

The Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) is an independent agency for coordinating a comprehensive development agenda for the northern savannah ecological zone in Ghana. SADA’s main objective is to promote sustainable development while remaining cognisant of environmental impact when delivering solutions to improve the livelihood of the communities in Ghana’s northern regions.

As with many under-developed regions of the world, equipment quality was critical – both in terms of robustness in tough terrain and in terms of the quality of material output. Another key factor for SADA is costeffectiveness: it needed to deliver quality structures that could be put up as economically and quickly as possible.

SADA procured 50 MK M7MI machines and after the machines arrived in Ghana, MK personnel travelled there to conduct the training programme in December 2013. This included a two-and-a-half month intensive training programme covering everything from soil selection to production and construction.

All the trained engineers and technicians have now returned to their districts for the roll-out of the remainder of the programme, replicating what they have learned for the construction of houses, clinics, classrooms and other structures in their communities. They will also train the youth in their districts to assist in skills development and the rebuilding of their communities.

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