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Helping to Build a Country


Helping to Build a Country

After decades of civil war, Africa’s newest country needs a lot of help to get into a position where its people can realise their potential.

One organisation that is doing its bit to empower the people of newly independent South Sudan is Cal Bombay Ministries. As long ago as 2004, the NGO conceived and began to build a new farming concept, the primary goal of which was to help formerly subsistence farmers move up the value chain.

However, to accomplish this huge task the ministry needed to bring experts in from its home base in Canada and these experts needed fixed-abode accommodation if they were to stay for any useful length of time.

Since building materials are extremely scarce in South Sudan and must be imported from Uganda at hugely inflated prices, the NGO turned to MK. By importing a blockmaking machine the ministry was able to use local sand, soil and water to build buildings. The result is a complex that continues to expand as new needs are identified.

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