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One for the Children


One for the Children

One of the more tragic consequences of the AIDS pandemic is the huge increase in the number of street children in cities all over Africa.

The biggest problem for countries facing this challenge is just what to do with these street kids as existing facilities simply can’t cope with the tremendous numbers. Fortunately for the children, willing donors have stepped up to the plate and arefunding the construction of new complexes to take up some of the slack.

Leading the charge is the Malaika Kids Network, the first children’s village which was built in Tanzania using the MK Building System under the supervision of architect Kees Dwarhuis. Designed to accommodate 320 children, the Malaika Children’s Village is intended to offer the children as normal a life as possible within a unique living concept based on family houses.

The cluster homes and school were all constructed from soil cement blocks made by a MK interlocking blockmaking machine using soil in the area. The children’s village hopes to help the children grow into young independent adults with a future to lookforward to.

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