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Rebuilding the church


Rebuilding the church

Operation Nehemiah Missions is one of many religious organisations helping the South Sudanese people to rise and rebuild their country.

What makes Operation Nehemiah different, however, is that it was started in 1993 by a South Sudanese refugee living and working in the USA, William Levi. Established with the purpose of championing the cause of the suffering [Christian] church in South Sudan, itwould only be a matter of time before Levi returned to the land of his birth.

His self-declared goal is to rebuild the family, the church, the community and sustainability in the Republic of South Sudan. To that end, Levi and Operation Nehemiah sourced the funding to acquire a MK blockmaking machine in order to develop skills among his people, provide employment and build the infrastructure necessary to support community life in Africa’s newest country.

A post on the organisation’s website indicates that the MK machine arrived at the mission compound in Borongole in the Eastern Equatoria State in December 2013. The training of 29 men was subsequently conducted and construction has since begun in the compound.

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